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A lot of reasons are there for hairfall in men and women too. There are so many solutions as well. This is the last thing that anybody can expect happen to themselves. Sometimes it is biological and sometimes we are responsible for this.

Our habits and environment can also be the cause of hair fall. It can be cured with proper measure and let’s discuss how to stop hair fall completely.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask:

Aloe helps you to improve the quality of hair and it affects the scalp as well. Makes the scalp healthy and helps it to produce all the natural oils which are necessary for hair growth.

When we use too many products on our hair it loses its natural oil. That leads to damaging of hair and scalp. Aloe vera is the saver of almost every problem of body and health.

Egg Mask:

How difficult is to bear the odor of the egg is. Just like that egg mask mixed with olive oil and honey makes it very effective for your scalp in a healthy way.

Egg mask on your scalp 2 times a week and mixed with honey and olive oil can make their natural shine and health back. All the problems related to hair can be fixed with this natural remedy.

Coconut Hair Spa:

Massaging your hair and doing spa on them with coconut hair is the best beneficial activity that you can do for your hair. It prevents your hair from thinning.

Apply directly coconut oil on your hair and massage it for a few minutes, especially with fingertips. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with natural water.

Green Tea Rinse:

The cup of green tea which wakes you up in the morning can also make your hair healthy and strong. Take two or three tablespoons of green tea and mix it with hot water. Make the liquid of the mixture and rinse it on your head and massage for a few minutes.

Amla Hair Pack To prevent hairfall:

The Indian gooseberry or amla which is rich in vitamin c. Mix the amla powder with lime juice and apply it on your scalp which makes it stronger and healthy from within. The follicles of hair can be so strong from this like nothing better than this can make your follicles stronger than this.

Washing your Hair Too Often:

Washing your hair too much and many times a week can damage your scalp and causes hairfall. It stops your hair follicles to produce the natural oil from within. This leads to other issues as well like premature greying of hair.

Washing your hair too much and too often can make your hair damaged permanently.


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