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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau wedding

Jake and tana marriage
Jake and tana marriage

Famous YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got married. 90% of people believe that this marriage was fake and they did for money and attention. Most importantly this wedding has been done in order to make content.

This was a live wedding, People from all over the world were able to watch this wedding online. But as usual, they have to pay for this.

Who are these people?

This is a great question that who are these people, that their wedding has been telecasted over the internet and people pay to see their wedding. They both are the famous YouTubers and content makers. Jake Paul was a tv star at Disney. He has been so famous on youtube that he has his own clothing brand.

On the other hand, Tana Mongeau is an MTV star in Hollywood. She is the host and even a show on her name Tana turns 21. They both are the weirdest couple on the internet but they are very rich and famous.

Jake Paul is a millionaire and social media influencer. Once he said in an interview that he wants to become a social media billionaire.

Other Youtubers reactions:

All the other content creators of youtube were also shocked at their wedding. Even Jake’s real brother logan paul was not convinced about the wedding that this is a real wedding or not.

Just before 2 of wedding, he was asking jake about this whole situation that is this even real. Jake and all his friends and family fly through a private plane to Las Vegas.

The house at which they all stayed at the wedding was custom designed by Armani. a good friend of Jake.


There was even a fight happened at the wedding when they both speak their vows and suddenly when jake was about to kiss Tana. A random guy throws a glass of drink on the dress of Tana, they the friend of jake Armani got into a fight with that person.

Both of them throws a lot of punches on each other and after a while security took care of this. They took the guy out of the arena. All the great content creators of youtube were present or invited to the wedding.

After Wedding:

After the wedding of jake and tana, they both were supposed to leave for a vacation honeymoon. But suddenly tana got an emergency at family and she leaves the country and her honeymoon for a family emergency.

After this Jake and his brother went on a trip and they also published this video on the internet. In that vlog, they have shown the footage of them making memories and having fun at the time.


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