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Internet, The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Internet


Hearing the name of the Internet, many things come to mind, such as a computer, mobile, Google, video call. In today’s world, the Internet is nothing short of a miracle. Look at any area, be it transportation or journalism or any other field. The Internet has made its iron everywhere. The Internet has a big hand in making today’s era modern and easy.

In an earlier life, it was also difficult to imagine that such a tactic could be made, which would be able to answer various questions. Shopping from home, tracking your train at home, talking face to face with a friend from far-away from America, or knowing the North Pole temperature at home. The Internet has provided all these facilities to humans. Everything has changed because of the Internet. People have come close to each other. The world has become very small.

Revolution in education

Internet is mostly used in the Department of Education. The Internet has made everything very easy in the field of education. Student life is now many times easier than before.

Students have internet so that they learn everything very easily and easily. They solve all their doubts and problems through the internet. The Internet has greatly reduced the distance between various specialist teachers and students.

There are also many students who are preparing for big exams but they leave those preparations due to the expensive fees of the coaching center. Whether it is JEE or NEET or IAS. Coaching center fees now skyrocket and students had to give up their dreams in the absence, but it has become much easier since the advent of the Internet.

Internet revolution in tourism

With the help of the internet, it has become much easier to come anywhere. The days are now old when people had to ask the way. Due to the Internet, there is no need to go anywhere and ask anyone the way or address.

Guidelines for any place in the world can be obtained by opening a map. In the time before the Internet, people used to worry about how late the train would be and how long it would be to reach the station before or after when traveling by train.
But nowadays people are not worried because they can track the train from their phones or computers. Not only this, but it can also be known when sitting on the train whether a seat is available or not.


Communication have miraculously changed due to the Internet’s. Whereas letters were sent earlier and waiting for their reply for months, today only a few seconds can be spoken by making a video call, looking at the appearance. The influence of the Internet’s is also visible in the field of communication. Where earlier it was difficult to know what is happening in other parts of the world, today news can be known by watching the interview video. The Internet’s has unimaginably influenced journalism. Communication gap is almost gone from this feature. If you want to call in any country, you just have to do the call to the number.


The Internet’s has revolutionized almost every field, so how can business be missed. Due to the internet’s, crores of producers and sellers have come very close. Due to the Internet’s, a US manufacturer can sell goods to a Sri Lankan customer. Since the advent of online shopping, the market has increased even more competition. Good quality and low price are easily available to the customer. After the advent of the internet’s in business, the chances of small traders growing has increased manifold. You can as many businesses you want to do online. Because online is the only way to explore your business in the best way



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