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Article 370 and 35A? Role Of These Sections In India

Article 370 and 35A
Article 370 and 35A

This Article 370 and 35A is present in Part 21 of the Indian Constitution. Which adopts some temporary, variable and special provisions with respect to many states of India. On the basis of this article, Jammu and Kashmir received the status of a special state. Along with this it also talks about a separate constitution for Jammu and Kashmir.

In the context of Jammu and Kashmir, it empowers the Indian Parliament to legislate. Only on three subjects (security, foreign affairs, and communications) mentioned in the Instrument of Accession. At present, there was no permanent government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This Article 370 and 35A is under control by the central government.

How was Article 35’A discriminatory?

This article gave some special rights related to land acquisition. The employment to its permanent residents of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This reason those who were not permanent residents of the state. The government wants to give each and every right to the peoples. Due to this government try lots of effects to do this from a very long time. So finally it happens due to the BJP government.

What changes will be seen after the repeal of Article 370?

The reorganization of the state will be on the lines of other union territories such as Delhi, Puducherry, etc. Based on the President’s new order. It is worth noting here that there is a provision for an assembly in Jammu and Kashmir. While Ladakh will remain a full union territory with no assembly.
Apart from this, there will be no independent national flag of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Now, the flag of the Indian Union, ‘Tricolor’ will be valid there too.

Now, what will be the way forward?

According to experts, this order of the President may face both legal and political challenges. To the opposition in the coming days. On this, the government can present its view that the amendments made on August 5. Hence it does not need to amend any kind of constitution to implement it.

The dispute may soon reach the Supreme Court of India too. Some petitions and cases are already under consideration in protest against Article 35’A ‘and Article 370.

Article 35’A ‘and Article 370.

Removing Article 370 in such a jolt can definitely create an atmosphere of dissatisfaction and controversy. The government will need to build peace there and build trust among the people for cooperation. From now on, relations with Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh from all over India are going to change completely. This step of the government will inevitably have a profound impact on the people, culture, and politics of Jammu and Kashmir.


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