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Self Happiness, Try To Put Yourself On Priority For Initiative

self happiness
self happiness


We all live like a car and the mirror of this vehicle is our thinking, our behavior, our attitude. In childhood, this glass is very clear, very clear. But as we grow older. Because of the people around us, because of our environment, because of our loved ones, our confidence in our changes. In childhood, we always try for self happiness

That means due to the logo on this glass, due to the atmosphere, dust, dirt, garbage accumulates due to itself. And we have accepted this dusty, dust-filled, garbage-filled mirror as our reality. We have forgotten to clean the mirror somewhere.

Greedy For Success

We have agreed to something, we have given up in front of some desires, we have given up some dreams. We have accepted some things. For example, I feel that I cannot do business because I have no money (self-made trust).

Somebody feel that I cannot bring good marks because I have always been an average student, so this is a self-made belief .. Never tried to clean that glass, never tried to break that belief.

Know Yourself

This mirror is clear for everyone in childhood. When you tried to walk, when you started walking you fell and after falling you didn’t accuse anyone, didn’t make excuses. You did not say that I fell because the carpet is not good, I fell because there is a fault in the stairs or I did not finger on my parents that I could not walk or fell because they did not know how to teach, they could not teach me to walk.

When you feel you tried to get up again, then fell and then got up and kept trying until you were successful, until you learned to walk.

Why did not the man blame someone, then why did not he kill on the pretext, what happened then?

And if not then why now?

Thinkā€¦. !! Because then the mirror of your thinking was very clear. He did not look for excuses, he did not talk to people, just he did not think of himself as less than others, so he never gave up and tried until you got success.

and then?

Then you grew up. People’s words got affected by you. The negative environment around you was affected. Due to the things told by the people, the mud thrown by the people, the waste and dust, the glass of your thinking became dirty and the speed of your car decreased and now you can not even see. You are not able to see in the way of your ability, your ability and as much as you are able to see it, you are understanding your life. You are considering it as your ability. Try to be self-happiness all the time.

Now listen to me. If you really, really want to change your life, really want to fulfill your dream, then once you remove this dust, this soil, then look. Once you clean this glass, see if it is soil from the people, it can be removed and can change your life. Just believe once and clear this glass and once you know yourself, look at yourself by trusting yourself. Your dreams will be fulfilled because you have the ability to fulfill them, you will be able to fulfill them. Self-happiness is very important in life.



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